All Inclusive

02 Nov

We would like your feed back if you have been to The Royal Sands or Haciendas or dined at El Conquistador, Captain’s Cove, La Veranda, Los Murales after October 27th, 2012 while the optional all-inclusive program was in effect. Even if you didn’t participate in the all-inclusive, did you find it difficult sharing the resort restaurants and bars with the all-inclusive guests? Was the food quality the same? If you did participate, did you find it was worth it?


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2 responses to “All Inclusive

  1. Lois Goldberg

    June 29, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Those are a lot of questions for one answer. Yes, we dined at those restaurants listed after that date (April 2013). We did not participate in the All-Inclusive. I did not notice any difference in food quality. As far as I remember it was the same. I was confused by the word Surcharge listed on the El Conquistador menu, but now I understand what that meant. Being only a very moderate imbiber of alchoholic beverages and watching not to overeat, All-Inclusives are not attractrive to me. I suppose if you were looking for quantity and not quality it would be ok, but I prefer to have exactly what I want to eat/drink and I am more than willing to pay the price for that privilege.
    Many days I would have half of my dinner left from the night before and that was my lunch or dinner the next day. I do not cook-in except to make coffee or warm up left overs.

    I find the concept of all-inclusive rather tacky.

    I already miss the Royal Mayan, but am happy to hear the El Conquistador is moving to the Royal Islander.

    I would have considered re-buying my two weeks at the Royal Mayan had I not been strongly coerced into purchasing at the Royal Cancun. $1000 maintenance was not a turn-off. The resort was beautifully maintained from the time of my first visit in 1987 (we purchased pre-construction) to my last in 2013. I felt the fee was justified in the way the property was maintained, managed and ran by the caring folks (from ground level maintenance to top level management) of Royal Resorts. I will always remember it as a first-class travel destination.

    LMG, Dayton OH

  2. Mark Blondin

    February 4, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    RR just announced the closing of the El Conquistador at the end of the Royal Mayan. Was there any discussion of the possibility of moving it and keeping it open at the advisory board meeting? I would like to understand why they would do that as they’re trying to market the resorts as all inclusive.


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