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Royal Mayan Probably to Be Sold

The Developers of The Royal Mayan conducted a professional survey of Royal Mayan members on whether an extension of the Royal Mayan Trust would be justified. It appears that the survey, even though only less than 6% responded came back that due to economic conditions, health, and age of the members that the majority of owners want to stop paying maintenance fees and sell The Royal Mayan. We took our own survey and came up with 10% of owners would consider renewing for an additional thirty years and that number increased to 28% if it were only for fifteen years.

To this extent it appears that The Royal Mayan is headed in the direction of being sold.  An appraisal of The Royal Mayan will more than likely take place in 2012, and an earnest effort to find a company who would like to purchase The Royal Mayan will in all likelihood be made. It is of The Owner’s Manual opinion that the sale price will be in the Forty Million Dollar range and after taxes, commissions, employee compensation for the number of years of service provided, owners should not expect more than 40 cents on the dollar of what they initially invested (40% of residual value).

We are looking for an alternative way of preserving our second home for those who want to continue to use it and to accommodate those who want to sell now. We would like your input as to other possible scenarios on how we as vested owners could accomplish this. Please send us your comment.


Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Royal Mayan